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Founded in 2012, SoloRex Chemicals is a Speciality Chemicals manufacturing company based in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.Founded by Managing Director of Mr.M Manivasan with experience in paper and chemical engineering and Technical Director of Mr.A. Michael with experience in textile manufacturing industries Here at SoloRex Chemicals, our ability to create turnkey solutions for our clients’ applications is what makes us unique. Leveraging our core competencies in chemistry with years of “real world” on-field experience. Here at SoloRex Chemicals, our ability to create turnkey solutions for our clients’ applications is what makes us unique. Leveraging our core competencies in chemistry with years of “real world” on-field experience, we continually strive to assist in new product design and development or enhance prevailing materials and formulations. Our goal is to create products and solutions that present true value to our customers.

Why Choose US

we are passionate about the transformative power of chemistry.

Our comprehensive range of solutions, coupled with our expertise and commitment to innovation, enables us to meet the evolving needs of the textile, paper, and leather sectors, supporting their journey towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

  • Extensive Industry Expertise
  • Innovative and Sustainable Solutions
  • High-Quality Products and Services







Core Values

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Our manufacturing unit has quality systems that adhere to the requirements of GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS) Version 6.0 and have received third party accreditation. We constantly strive to establish and maintain outstanding Quality and Quality Assurance Systems.

Our business processes are oriented towards adding long-term value to the customer and to help them be more successful and competitive. We accomplish this through innovations. We utilize our know how to continuously develop and optimize our products and services. Our ability to develop products and services based on active dialogue with customers efficiently safeguards the customer’s success and is essential to our sustained growth.

One of our core values is commitment to environment, health & safety. We design and operate our facilities to protect our employees, contractors, and neighbours from harm. Additionally our facilities and practices are conducted in a manner that protects our environment.

At SoloRex Chemicals, economic considerations do not take priority over environment, safety and health issues. We encourage a high level of awareness of safety, health and environmental issues among our employees. We support the efforts of our customers and suppliers in the safe and environmentally sound handling of the products. Through these commitments, we are able to conduct our business in compliance with all the rules, regulations, and laws affecting our business.

Every aspect of our business is directed by the best interests of our customers. We focus on individual requirements of our customers and help them strengthen their performance and competitive edge. We believe that good design and good relationships come from collaborations.

Why Choose Solorex?

Challenging work Environment

The chemical industry offers a fast-paced and dynamic work environment where employees can continuously engage in challenging projects and innovative research.

Opportunities for growth

The chemical industry provides numerous opportunities for professional growth and advancement. With a wide range of roles and functions available, employees can explore different career paths, acquire new skills, and take on higher responsibilities, leading to career progression and personal development.

Environment for success

The chemical industry is increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship. Employees have the opportunity to contribute to a greener future by developing and implementing sustainable practices, eco-friendly processes, and innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact.


A career at SoloRex Chemicals is dynamic. It provides challenging opportunities, competitive salary and a progressive atmosphere.
We’re striving to create a work environment that empowers every employee to reach his or her highest potential and achieve maximum personal fulfilment.
We believe that only through company-wide communication and understanding of our strategy, mission and values can we unleash the power of collective creativity with a common purpose.

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